As the lead writer on the Trane commercial air conditioning account at a former agency, Creative Director Charlie Clement, crafted a brand positioning campaign with the tag line, “Creating the right atmosphere.” The line neatly tied indoor air management to critical issues for which Trane offers valuable solutions: air quality, energy savings, environmentally-friendly refrigerants and employee performance as a function of comfort. The campaign was honored by the American Marketing Association for Strategic Excellence.

Charlie’s work for Trane included the brand introduction campaign, as well as numerous product ads and direct mail campaigns. To show the benefit of a replacement chiller with a low-profile design, Clement conceived an ad contrasting images of an elephant trying to fit through a pedestrian door and the actual chiller comfortably fitting through the same door, along with the headline, “Now retrofits aren’t the mammoth job they used to be.”

For the Tracker building control system, he created a dimensional direct mail campaign that included a dog colllar, a speed dialer and the actual Tracker box shell, which carried a video and the brochure shown here. The campaign, which personified Tracker's attributes, helped secure demonstration appointments with almost 50% of its recipients: retail chains with over 200 stores, a new market for the company at the time. The campaign won a Direct Marketing Association International Echo® Award.