After working with Clement Creative at two previous companies, the client contact hired Clement Creative once again — this time to help launch an Italian product into the American marketplace. The proposition was to interpret and translate what in Europe is an emotional, consumer-facing brand for a decisively B2B marketing challenge: Getting tubular motors for automated screens and shades specified by American architects and adopted by US fabricators.

A new, optimized micro-site leverages the look, feel and tone of the Italian branding, while driving home the differentiating benefits of the product’s slick, unique design. An Aesthetics and Intelligence page highlights benefits that appeal to the intended influencer audience of architects and interior designers, while the Tech Features page addresses the concerns of specifiers and fabricators head on. Downloadable brochures allow visitors to self-select for more information related to commercial and residential applications.

The launch also includes Adword, LinkedIn and email campaigns to build awareness and engagement for further nurturing along the customer buying journey.