In the 10 years Clement Creative and Medical Mutual — a medical malpractice insurance company — had worked together, the marketplace had experienced major changes.

So we conducted a brand discovery study with executives of client hospitals. In our brand research, virtually every executive said that the personal relationships their staff enjoys with key Medical Mutual contacts were invaluable and represented the Company’s most important competitive advantage. So aside from developing a new brand positioning statement, we re-branded them, beginning with a new logo featuring a capital M that gives the appearance of two people shaking hands. We also created a new corporate brochure that puts a finer point on the advantage. The cover makes the case that, “At its best, medical liability protection is always personal.” And inside, it further defines the relationship advantage by visually demonstrating the benefit of having go-to contacts you’ll know by name and be able to reach quickly. You can view and download the brochure and other materials from the rebranding initiaive in this gallery.

The Company experienced 20% growth in the year following the introduction of the new brand positioning.

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