Clement Creative rebrands longtime client, Medical Mutual Insurance Company of Maine

Clement Creative and Medical Mutual had been working together for almost 10 years when agency principal, Charlie Clement, and Medical Mutual VP of Marketing & Administration, John Doyle, met to discuss the state of the medical malpractice insurance industry. The market had changed considerably since they first branded the Company together in 2005. The healthcare industry had consolidated considerably; more and more doctors were leaving private practice to become employees of the their local hospitals; and self-insuring had become more prevalent. It was time, Doyle and Clement decided, to revisit the Company’s positioning with a brand discovery study.

Surveying the situation
Ask people what the first thing is that comes to mind when they think of you and the answer will sometimes surprise you. That’s what happened when Clement Creative went to a sampling of Medical Mutual clients to find out what they really valued about their medical professional liability company.

“We expected clients to say that protecting their assets and reputations superseded everything, because it really is the product, so to speak, and it is something we have taken extreme pride in doing over the years,” said Doyle. “Yet while that was critically important to them, when we asked what the first thing was that came to mind when they thought about Medical Mutual, most said, in some form or another, ‘relationships’.”

MMICThe “Aha” moment

Clement says it was fitting for a brand discovery study as the relationship revelation was one of those “Aha” moments that so often show up in market research. When asked for his take on the finding, Doyle said all Medical Mutual employees understand the importance of being responsive to client needs and work hard at being so, but the extraordinary significance clients placed on their relationships with people inside the Company was an unexpected, yet pleasant, surprise.

“Virtually everyone we asked immediately said that knowing someone they could reach quickly and turn to when they had a question was an invaluable part of their partnership with Medical Mutual. And most had an anecdote or story to illustrate how it helped them,” said Doyle.

Clement said the interview process took several months to complete, then several more to compile and analyze the findings, which probed client attitudes about various services and attributes of Medical Mutual. He said the findings will help shape the Company’s messaging in its marketing and communications efforts going forward.

New logo
Based on the results of the study, Doyle and the Medical Mutual management team decided to update the company logo, which now features a capital M that gives the appearance of two people shaking hands. Company President & CEO, Frank Lavoie, MD, MBA, said, “The new mark is very distinctive and clearly sets us apart from our competition, which is of course a critical element in branding. Even more important, it reinforces the relationship concept that will be central to our brand message as we look to grow our share in various markets. We’re very excited about this.”

Doyle said the Company is already beginning to use the new logo in some of its marketing communications. “For now, we have replaced the logo on the current web site, but a new site is in the works and any new communications will carry the new mark and messaging,” he said. The remainder of the rebranding will roll out gradually as literature gets re-written and/or updated and other new marketing efforts begin.